Satisfied Customers

July 2019 – It is always pleasing to know that your services are appreciated and of value. During the past fortnight I have been employed on various fronts on behalf of a property developer, a prospective purchaser and a council tenant.

The property developer had three projects in the early stages of planning approval and wanted to establish the extent of issues that he could address during the conversion of former Offices / Commercial premises and in order to satisfy the warranty provider, for when the time comes to put the converted properties up for sale.

The prospective purchaser had been met with an intransigent Vendor who would not accept that a proposal from a remedial works contractor, was justifiable.

The council tenant had been left in a state of flux, following various escapes of water in her property, all of which had caused damage to the decor and consequential mould issues.

In life people are less inclined to proffer praise and more inclined to complain about a product or service therefore it was particularly pleasing to receive positive feedback from these customers:

‘ Many thanks for this excellent and thorough piece of work. John’.

‘  I just wanted to say thank you so so much for what you did! Your report was amazing, you’re very good at what you do!’

And another one! Today, (July 24th 2019), I received positive feedback from Clients that had taken ownership of their new home in early May only to find an area of dampness that had been missed by the Chartered Building Surveyor, when undertaking a Home Buyer’s report / survey. The issue was pretty severe and it was clear to me that there was something awry with either the plumbing or drainage system. Here’s a snippet of what they found and how an independent survey can be of benefit: ‘

‘ We enlisted the help of a builder to further investigate the issues with damp . After investigations under the floor and outside we found a large hole in the back of the drain. Running a hosepipe on this area we could actually see water coming into the corner of the house, next to the shower room. They dug it out and repaired it, to date we haven’t seen any further issues and are drying out with a dehumidifier. Though if course it has been very dry recently. 

We complained to …. and asked for compensation, which of course they refused. We then took our complaint to C.E.D.R. After following the process through we have been awarded 5k compensation. 

I would like to thank you for your report which was referenced by the adjudicator several times. It has allowed us to claim the compensation we feel was deserved and will cover the costs of any repairs. We really appreciate the time you took at our property to properly investigate the issues’.

To receive such feedback is very pleasing and reinforces my desire to maintain the highest level of customer service.

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