Wall tie corrosion:

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 Wall tie corrosion has been a widely known phenomenon, amongst the Building Surveying profession, since the 1980’s however it is lesser known by the majority of property owners, especially those of us who have owned  their property for many years.

These days one might expect, in a sales situation, that a Building Surveyor suggests that a property, by virtue of its’ age, may have a wall tie corrosion problem and the same Surveyor will suggest that a specialist report is obtained.

So who do you turn to? Your choice is quite limited.

There are specialist contractors who will conduct, sometimes, a ‘free’ survey and they will provide you with a report and quotation for the required remedial treatments. Experience shows that such contractors will often recommend treatment to the whole of a house when, in fact, only one or two elevations, out of 3 or 4, actually require treatment.

Treatment is quite costly, especially when one has to add in the cost of scaffolding, or other means of access equipment.

The nature of treatment is also quite disruptive to what, sometimes, are quite fragile and old buildings with soft bricks and sand / lime mortar that could really do without drilling and chiselling of the bricks and mortar!

As an alternative to the contractor route you may employ my services so that, as I have nothing to gain from suggesting that remedial works are required, you can trust that my findings and recommendations are accurate and appropriate.

​ The inspection will be conducted utilising B.R.E. Digest 401, (1995), guidelines and the report will be concise and include photographic references.

It should be noted that minor disruption of mortar joints, which are made good as part of the inspection process, is required on the vast majority of inspections however painted rendering will be left scarred and it is important to inform a Vendor of such.

In addition to the foregoing yours may be a case where the property has already been treated but there are no valid guarantees pertaining to the works and you require an independent assessment of the contract works.

Please call 07789 200833 to discuss your specific requirements. I’m confident that I’ll be able to help.

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