For adept, independent, property inspections allied to all forms of dampness, timber decay, wall tie corrosion, Basement tanking failures.

 There are many reasons why you may be considering an independent assessment of the condition of a property you own or are looking to buy.

The following may apply to you:

  • You may be a Vendor, unaware that you are living in a ‘damp’ property until such time the prospective purchaser’s Surveyor’s report flags up an issue.
  • A building Surveyor has suggested that you obtain a damp and timber report from a registered member of the Property Care Association, (P.C.A.)
  • Your Estate Agent may have recommended a ‘Damp Specialist’ to provide a report and quotation and you don’t trust the recommendations made.
  • You may have experienced a prolonged, unresolved, damp issue that, despite various attempts at resolution, continue to cause annoyance.
  • Since an escape of water you may notice the development of fungal growths on brickwork, plaster, skirting boards or the like.
  • Your claim against your building’s insurance policy for a flooded basement may have been declined.
  • You may live in a ‘modern’ property, with a damp problem, and finding it difficult to find a contractor interested in inspecting, (because they believe it won’t be an opportunity to quote for remedial work). You may believe that you have a leaking pipe within the floor screed.
  • You have had cavity wall insulation installed and, ever since, you have noticed the appearance of damp patches on the internal wall surfaces.
  • The appearance of regular cracks, horizontal and vertical, affect the external elevations of the property that you own, or are looking to buy.
  • You have been advised that the chimney flashing requires renewal but you are unable to verify whether this information is accurate.

There are many other situations too. 

I have worked as a Surveyor in the property preservation sector since 1985 and, consequently, vastly experienced in undertaking inspections allied to:

  • Structural dampness
  • Condensation control
  • Timber infestation and fungal decay
  • Cavity wall tie corrosion
  • Cellar / Basement tanking – cavity drain membrane systems.

I believe that I offer great value for money borne from my desire to achieve job satisfaction.

I recognise that, in a pre purchase situation, the need for a damp and timber inspection becomes apparent quite late in the buying process, usually close to the exchange of contracts.

To this end I aim to provide most reports within 24 hours of completing an inspection.

Please call 07789 200833 to discuss your requirements.


 I have vast knowledge of the local housing stock and construction types, within the local area, and it is this foundation that enables me to identify most issues that one is likely to encounter allied to the aforementioned defects.

I use best endeavours to provide you with a full understanding of the issues and, if requested, provide you with proposals for remediation works that you can use to obtain like for like quotation’s from reputable contractors.


The nature of dampness and decay in buildings requires that  I use technical terminology and species identification using Latin!

My survey reports are written so as not to confuse the reader and will provide you with clearly defined observations and recommendations to help you understand and resolve the issues that you are faced with.


Each Survey instruction that I receive provides me with an opportunity to display my professional services and I am mindful that, without your support, I have all this knowledge and expertise going to waste.

At the same time I am well aware that we are often put into a situation whereby the sale or purchase of a property is riding upon the findings of the Survey that I am undertaking. With this in mind you may take comfort from the fact that I have been faced, on many occasions, with objections that, once discussed, and more detail provided, (by me), an inspection proceeds that enables a satisfactory outcome.

For more information concerning my services please provide the information requested below: