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Independent Damp & Decay Inspection Services provided by John Goble C.S.R.T. / C.S.S.W.

Failed tanking systems are a common occurrence and the methods of remediation fraught with, often, unknown risks.
Our services include inspections to determine the resons for failure plus proposals for appropriate remedial measures.

Failed tanking / Basement systems.

The term 'tanking' is a term used to describe a waterproof barrier applied to the walls and floor of a below ground structure.
There are numerous products on the market, all of which are designed to provide a waterproof barrier however, since the mid 1990's the introduction of water management, cavity drain membrane systems have been in vogue.
BS8102 Code of practice for the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground was updated in 2009 and provides a benchmark that Designers, Manufacturers and Contractors should seek to attain when dealing with such structures; it is fair to state that prior to, and since, this code of practice was introduced there are many situations where the standard wasn't achieved and, accordingly, many installations have failed to fulfil their design function with devastating consequences.
With this in mind the need to ensure that a proposal put forward by your chosen contractor is appropriate, for your particular circumstances,  is extremely important.
In the event that your knowledge is limited, or you require an opinion on a proposal that you are considering, we will be more than happy to act as your Consultant regarding the initial proposal through to Supervising the works through to completion.
The C.S.S.W. qualification, attained in 2009,  should provide you with the peace of mind that we have a good understanding of BS8102 and the requirements that any chosen system should satisfy.
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