For adept, independent, property inspections allied to all forms of dampness, timber decay, wall tie corrosion, Basement tanking failures and leak detection.

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Independent Damp & Decay Inspection Services provided by John Goble C.S.R.T. / C.S.S.W.

 So, what can I do for you?


When you have a genuine interest in people, and the buildings in which they live, you learn that the role of the specialist Surveyor is not just a job, it is a vocation; my initial training provided me with a strong foundation and following over 30 years experience on the job, I am able to provide, what I think, is a service beyond most.
I strongly believe that, if you want an informative and accurate survey report, pertaining to the services proffered, you will find my services to be undertaken in a timely manner, informative and of great value . 
John Goble. C.S.R.T. / C.S.S.W.
Having spent over 30 years undertaking property inspections, on behalf of Domestic homeowners, Housing Associations, Architects, Structural Engineers and prospective purchasers, pertaining to dampness, decay, wall tie corrosion and failed basement tanking systems, I recognised that there is a gap to be filled when a particular situation requires a truly independent assessment; my aim is to bridge the gap and help guide you with an accurate assessment, comprehendible reporting and inspection of specialist works.
I am not allied to remedial treatment contractors which means that I can be truly independent in assessing any given problem.

In summary I  will undertake:

Independent, unbiased, survey reports detailing building defects relating to water/damp ingress, 
timber decay and wall tie corrosion.
Diagnostic surveys to determine exact problems according to your specific requirements.
Detailed remedial work specifications tailored to your needs.
Defects and areas at risk reports.

​Note: My reports are based upon site observations and include an annotated floorplan and recommendations for appropriate remedial works and most are compiled within 24 hours of completing an inspection.

Rising dampness.

Penetrating dampness.

Falling dampness

Rising dampness can occur for many reasons however is probably misdiagnosed more often than not.
My  inspection service will seek to provide the true reasons and our report will provide you with proposals that you can use to obtain like for like quotations.
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Penetrating dampness is the term used to describe dampness that travels laterally through, usually, a solid wall structure however, with the advent of cavity insulation we are witnessing failures within cavity wall structures too. 
My inspection service will seek to identify the primary reasons for such issues and my report will point you in the right direction concerning appropriate remedial measures.
Falling dampness occurs, usually, due to roofing, valley / flashing defects. These areas can be difficult to inspect without specialist access equipment and, whilst I do not purport to be a roofing specialist, with the aid of a telescopic camera pole I am able to capture digital images of a roof structure with a birds eye view and this can prove extremely useful to roofing contractors whom you may be asking to quote for works. Alternatively you do not have to trust the opinion of a roofing contractor who may be suggesting you undertake more work than is necessary.


Failed basement tanking

Fungal decay

Mould is the modern day scourge of propertys that do not have adequate means of heating, ventilation and air circulation and it represents, by far and away, the vast proportion of damp issues we are faced with in our home's today.
My inspection service will seek to identify the reasons for the germination of mould spores and our report will include appropriate measures to improve the environmental conditions. 
The term tanking is a generic term used, loosely, to describe a means of structural waterproofing to, usually, below ground structures such as Cellars, Basements, Lift pits etc.
These systems are prone to failure and difficult to repair and if you have a Cellar or Basement with a failed system I can advise and report on the most appropriate remedial measures available and which you could utilise in your search for like for like quotations
There are innumerable species of wood destroying fungi however only one  true dry rot fungus. (Serpula lacrymans).
The accurate diagnosis of dry rot  is highly important as the treatment of, what is the most virulent decay organism, is vastly different, therefore more costly, to the treatment of wet rot species.
The good news is that dry rot is not that common and my inspection service will, usually, provide immediate  confirmation of whether you are dealing with wet or dry rot. On occasions where dry rot is confirmed, and if instructed to do so, I am able to provide ongoing support through the remedial work phase.

Wall tie corrosion

Cavity drain systems

Wall tie corrosion is a well known phenomenon amongst the Building Surveying and Estate Agent profession.
However it is lesser known to  homeowners until the time comes to sell your home and it is at this time that the Surveyor's report will suggest that a Purchaser obtains a 'Specialist' report. Then you're in the lap of the Gods!
As an independent Surveying service I am able to provide an accurate assessment of the tie conditions and avoid the 'carte blanche' approach that many contractors are prone to suggest.
Since the 1990's these systems have been in vogue as the system of choice for the treatment of Cellar and Basement structures and, it is fair to say, they represent the least risky mode of treatment as they are designed to manage water ingress rather than prevent it.
However I have witnessed several failures, where the installers have taken liberties with the system. Therefore f you have a failed system of this type, or are contemplating its' installation into a new build or existing structure you can utilise my knowledge and expertise in diagnosing the reasons for failure or approving the design of a proposed installation.

Woodboring beetles

There are numerable species of woodboring insects but, commonly, one of four that may be a pest in your home.
Not all types require pesticide treatments to be eradicated therefore accurate identification of the species is important as it could save your money in, otherwise, un-necessary treatments.
I am able to identify the most common species and provide you with recommendations pertaining to approriate remedial measures.

Chimney stack / lead flashing inspections.

On occasion I receive telphone calls from potential customers concerning the fact that their property has suffered rainwater ingress via the roof and/or the chimney stack. 

Further to instructing roofing contractors to provide an opinion on the required remedial works the customer has received conflicting advice and is unsure who to trust.

With this in mind, on the majority of occasions, I have been  able to undertake an inspection of the roof coverings and the lead flashings by utilising an 8 metre long telescopic camera pole upon which  a digital camera, with wireless connectivity, is mounted; this enables me to capture digital images of the subject areas.

Following this inspection, I find, that 'a picture paints a thousand words' and on providing our customers with pictorial evidence  I am able to put the issues they face into context. This, I find, also enables the customer to seek quotations for remedial works from other contractors who will not be required to risk life and limb by scaling ladders and risking damage to the roof coverings to boot.