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  1. Hide and leak
    13 Apr, 2016
    Hide and leak
    Following a referral from a regular customer we were asked to attend at a 1980's built property to assess the likely cause of dampness to the solid floor and an area of wallplaster. The ground floor is on a split level with the upper level having expensive feature floor finishes, the lower floor level was carpeted. Further to lifting the carpet and turning the central heating system on we used a thermographic imaging device to trace the route of the central heating pipes and it soon became
  2. It's all about the Base (ment).
    07 Apr, 2016
    It's all about the Base (ment).
    This is a Local Authority owned building with a  Basement structure that, historically, had been 'tanked' with a bituminous coating. As is often the case mineral salts, that are carried 'in solution' have been trapped between the brick face and the bituminous coating and this has led to the spalling of the bricks and the coating is now peeling from the brickwork. We were employed to provide a solution upon which competing contractors could provide a quotation on a like for like basis. In this
  3. Well Well!
    18 Jan, 2016
    Well Well!
    Well, what a surprise this was! The homeowner has been in residence for a few years and employed our services to undertake an inspection to determine the cause of dampness within some of the ground floor rooms. Having established the cause, (damp concrete oversite and the absence of a damp proof course), our inspection led us to undertake sub floor inspections in each of the ground floor rooms. To our, and the homeowner's , surprise we found a disused well within the sub floor void beneath